LIOG… Do I Smell??😳😳

Life is a funny thing. As I’m writing this post I can’t help but occasionally touch my nose and smile.

The nose👃. I’ve never paid much attention to my nose. Sometimes I think I take it for granted. Though I’m extremely grateful to have one. I’ve always just used mine for respiratory purpose.

Breathe In.  Breathe Out. Take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide.

But I’ve never made a big deal about different scents. I know when something smells pleasant and when something smells yucky. It’s sort of sad when I think about it that I only place scents into two categories. I know I’m an awful person when it comes to my nose.

Scent and attraction was never an option for me. To fall in love with someone from their scent was so far fetched. But maybe its not so far fetched as I once thought.


This is the second time I’ve been sniffed. I don’t mean in a subtle way that the person doesn’t realize. I mean the person really inhaled my essence to the point that it was both awkward and obvious.

I tend to maintain a proper body hygiene. So I shower at least once a day, wear deodorant and keep my skin moisturized. I wear perfume but on both of these occasions I wasn’t wearing any perfume.

The first time someone sniffed me I was in my junior year of college. I was taking the public bus with my friend to go to the mall. The dude sitting directly behind me leaned in and sniffed me. My friend was sitting beside me like what the fuck! I was honestly freaked out. Sort of felt like an invasion of my personal space. After a few blocks, the guy tapped me on the shoulder and decided to show me his collection. He had different insects enclosed in like a clear stone.

Let me find a picture….


He was even telling me facts about the insect fossilized and everything. I could tell he was proud of his collection. This is the public bus I’m bound to meet weirdos so I didn’t think much on that situation. I dismissed that awkward encounter and thought that would probably never happen to me again. I guess I was wrong. Because I was sniffed again today.

Maybe I just encounter weird people…

I live 2mins away from the supermarket. So that’s my local spot to buy groceries. About 2-3 weeks ago I bumped into this guy that lives in my neighborhood. I lost my balance grabbing an item from the shelf and didn’t realize he was behind me and I fell back onto him. It was a bit embarrassing because he had to hold me up from almost falling on my ass. It was the first time we’ve actually had a conversation even though I’ve seen him around. It was a small chit-chat nothing too serious and I mainly apologized for crashing into him. Since that incident we’d occasionally smile or wave to acknowledge each other but we didn’t have another conversation until today…

Its been raining for most of the day but it had stopped in the afternoon. So I decided to walk to the supermarket because I was really craving junk food lol. Walking made me feel less guilty about eating the junk food I was buying. I bought the items and when I got outside the rain is pouring down☔️. I was a little upset because wet hair meant it would get frizzy and that means I would need to blow dry and flat iron. I didn’t even have my umbrella. But I had bought my bag of Cheetos so I wasn’t too upset that it was raining. While standing outside the supermarket, the same guy I bumped into a few weeks ago came out with a cart filled with groceries. We talked about the sucky weather and he asked if I wanted a ride. We stood there for over 5 mins and the rain showed no sign of mercy. So we both decided to make a dash to his car. He got more soaked than me because he had to put his groceries in the back but my hair was a little damp. Anyways once he got in the car, he hands me this rag he had in the glove compartment. I was being cheeky and asking if the rag was clean lol. He said he didn’t want me to get sick and turned on the heater for the car seats. In the middle of patting myself dry, he had a puzzled look on his face and said…

“you smell,  but I don’t know what you smell like”

I am flustered and start to sniff my pits asking if I smelt bad. He’s laughing and I’m feeling extremely body conscious. Apparently since the day I bumped into him he hasn’t been able to place my scent. I’m sitting in the car unable to find words for this awkward conversation. I made  the situation worse and said

“I’m not wearing any perfume, so I don’t know what you’re smelling”

Homeboy leans in and sniffs me.

I was so uncomfortable and its raining so I felt trapped in the car. He breaks the awkward 1minute of silence, which in my opinion felt like years and said,

“you smell like spring”

For some reason I just busted out laughing. I wasn’t sure if he was overly observant or a weirdo. But his confused reaction made me laugh. He likes the scent from my hair. It’s not a strong scent so I’m surprised he noticed. This conversation gets a position on my top awkward moments for 2016 lol. My laughter definitely eased the tension in the car. We got to my house and sat in the car and talked, waiting for the rain to ease up so I could run inside. He seemed normal-ish lol. But its so crazy that since that incident when I crashed into him that he’s wanted to talk to me. Crazy right?

Like is it possible to fall in love with someone’s scent? Is there such a thing as love at first sniff lol?




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