LIOG…Cutting The Gaddamn Lawn In The Morning😡😡

Warning*explicit language*🤐

It’s a lovely Saturday morning and I am up cranky! Why am I cranky?? Because my bloody neighbors woke up and decided that it would be a brilliant idea to cut their lawn 6am in the fucking morning.😡 That then followed a damn ripple effect because the other neighbor now getting zero sleep decides they should also cut their grass.


My neighbors are dickheads!! No other explanation. A person has to be a massive asshole to get up and be completely inconsiderate to the people living around them. I could understand if this was in the week, the majority is already up and getting ready for work. But I cherish my Saturday mornings. I don’t want to be up early, and definitely not to be woken up by fucking lawnmowers.

I’m just so annoyed with everything. I literally could walk up to random stranger and punch them in the friggin’ tit! That’s how cranky and irritated I am right now. Once I’m up, that’s it I am officially awake. I’m more annoyed with myself because I was up until 5am binge watching Korean drama. If only I knew I was getting less than two hours of sleep I would have went to bed at midnight😩😩😩. My eyes are swollen and I no longer have the luxury to go back to bed.

Dear Lord,

Please give me the strength not to be petty because you know I would be facing arson charges for I want nothing more than to burn both my neighbor’s lawnmowers to the ground😈. Give me peace and serenity as I muddle through this sleepless Saturday😢.



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