LIOG…Trapped In The K-Vortex🌪🌪

You might be wondering…Sha-Rih what the hell is a K-Vortex????

Well let me tell you…

1.) It’s a place of no return😨


2.) You’ll never truly know when you got caught up in the vortex until its too late😫


3.) Time becomes a figment of your imagination😖


I am talking about everything Korean…(South Korean🇰🇷 to be exact). I’ve been caught up in the whole lifestyle;

the music








I remember the first day I got a taste of kpop. It was the day that changed my life forever. Waaayyy back in high school circa 2009 ( yes I’m old af!) , I use to hang out with a clique that was straight up into anime, manga, fanfic and the emo lifestyle. Call us nerds if you want but back then were happier days. Sometimes I actually miss those days because for anyone that doesn’t really know me, its hard for them to even imagine me going through that phase.

My friend Kira introduced me to TVXQ(DBSK) and that was the band that opened my eyes to everything kpop. Being an international supporter it was so much harder to get things subbed and translated then than now. But I just loved their music even though I did not know a single word in Korean. That appreciation evolved so quickly because I loved 2ne1, Big Bang, T-ara, Wondergirls, BEG, SHINee and girls generation. To say my parents did not understand me during this period in my life would be an understatement.

“you and your likkle chiney boyfriend dem” – mom

(Btw my mom is Jamaican and any guy of Asian ethnicity is Chinese, she had zero cares in the world to even try and differentiate.)

But like all  teenagers I assumed I was going through a phase especially after TVXQ got disbanded. I wasn’t so invested in kpop music; I still listened to the music but I wasn’t consumed by the fandom.  But it was apparently too late for me, I had already crossed over to  the darkside.

I get to college and my palate for Asian cuisine reached to an optimum level. Thai, Burmese, Vietnam, Korean, Japanese and Chinese foods I could not get enough of it. I swear Thuthu just pushed me further into the blackhole because it’s a dream of mine to travel to East Asia and try some authentic cooked food. I’m just hoping I get to go when I’m still in my twenties. I need my kidneys and liver fully functional for alcohol consumption since Koreans know how to drink!🍻

I truly flung myself into the k-vortex when I decided that I was going to watch kdramas. I’ve been stuck for 2 years in dramaland! Like the k-drama addiction is sooo real! K-dramas have officially ruined me. If I don’t get a back hug, piggyback ride or a kiss on the forehead from my boo thing! Best believe I’ve already concluded my relationship aint shit! *I’m kiddin😂’* But kdramas have left me with such high expectations when I’m in a relationship. Kdramas do an excellent job in promoting a Korean man’s sex appeal because I would not hesitate to get myself a Korean hubby.

I’ve used so many Korean vocabulary in my daily speech to that point that its normal for everyone around me. (I know honorifics is a huge part of the culture so I should try and fix that habit if I am to visit South Korea). I lose serious sleep with kdramas. Firstly, I get so invested in the storyline that there no such thing as I’ll only watch one episode. Its more like ‘it’s 2am in the morning…okay lets go to the next episode’. With the overwhelming difference with the time zone, I have to wait for new episodes to be subbed. (Shout out to the people that do the English subs, keep doing God’s work👏👏👏). For the kpop addicts I don’t have to explain this time zone issue. This month has been nothing but comebacks and debut releases. If you are an international fan like myself apart of a multi-fandom then I know for sure you haven’t been sleeping since this month started. I haven’t fully processed GOT7 album and BTS is out here just trying to claim my soul.

63565927**me watching bts new video blood, sweat and tears on repeat**

The one thing that sucks about being trapped in the k-vortex, it’s hard to find someone in my vicinity that loves the same thing. Do you know how I wish I had a close friend I could go kcon with. Sigh it can be a lonely place not to mention expensive AF! Merch aint cheap or free.

Do you wanna know if you are also trapped in the k-vortex…if BTS no longer equates to Behind The Scenes. Well my friend make yourself comfy because you are trapped in the k-vortex.



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