LIOG…”You’re Too Black For Me” 😳😳

It’s storytime!

Today I went on the worst date ever!😩😩


Now I’ve had my share of bad dates but this one truly just topped the cake.

With all the recent disappointments happening in my life, my bestfriend decided that the best way to get me out of my slump was by getting some dick. I didn’t put up a fight when she offered to set me up on a blind date. I’ve been out of a relationship for a few months and I was slaving away my time in work. I thought might as well put myself back on the market.

I knew logic had momentarily left me when I had decided to go on this blind date because the last blind date my bestfriend had proposed was a hot mess. But I thought nothing could be worst than my date with the sexist narcissist. Well, I was damn wrong.

I initially contacted this guy through our Instagram accounts. I looked through a few of his pictures and my initial reaction was , “he’s tall, okaaaay come thru papi “. I liked a few pictures and then he slide right in my DMs.😏😏

We exchanged numbers and this boy did not waste anytime. He wanted to meet up like the next day. It was obvious that at this rate, this was going to be an hook-up. But I have to access the situation. I have maintain my pumpum value and the night has to going superb for my clothes to come off. No such thing as ‘we just gonna fuck’ in my book. So he initially wanted to go to this Italian restaurant but I actually despise dates that force me to sit down, unless its a breakfast date. How can I pass up on scrambled eggs and blueberry pancakes. Yum Yum🍳😍…. I’m straying away from the story.

So I recommended that we should go bowling🎳. That’s fun; the atmosphere is relaxed, and there’s alcohol available. He agreed to the date. Now I got to the bowling alley before him. I had sent a text message asking if he was on his way. Here is red flag🚩 #1, this dude read the message and did not even reply. I waited for 30 minutes for this guy. Honestly, I am shocked that I stayed that long. He gets there and did not even apologize for coming late. He goes, “oh you’re still here”. I promise you I must have walked with the Lord tonight because I was already boiling on the inside.

I brushed off the comment and brought my optimistic level to a strong 100%. I thought a fun way to get know each other would be by coming up with a fun bowling game. Each gutter ball, we would have to chug beer🍺. Simple enough since we weren’t professionals and nothing is funnier than being tipsy while bowling. The loser of the game has to do anything the winner wanted. He was all pumped up and I was morphing into competition mode. I started the game and I threw a few gutter balls to soothe his ego. When it was his turn to bowl, homeboy was struggling! Nothing but gutter balls. Literally at the end of the game he had a total of 16 points! I felt bad he was struggling so I was trying to help him and he did not want it! He got so defensive about me teaching him.

“This is such a waste of money”

” Waste of my fucking time”

blah blah blah….

And he hissed his teeth like a trillion times. To say he was a sore loser would have been an understatement. I got so uncomfortable because he had nothing but snide remarks to say. I was so happy when the game was over because at this point I just wanted to go home.

I am probably a sucker for pain because when he suggested to go to a bar. For some reason I thought that there must be some sliver of hope to salvage the night.

At the bar was when my vagina went ‘gurrrl get yo ass up! this shit aint even worth it’. He was still bummed out about the bowling game and I really didn’t want to bring it up back. So I sparked up basic conversation since we really didn’t know each other. Age, occupation, why he’s not in a relationship. Simple questions that should not be difficult to answer. He would reply always “why do you want to know”

Me: So what’s your last name?

Him: Why do you want to know

Me: Do you like ice cream?

Him: Why do you want to know

Me: *Do you eat ass every morning, to perfect being an asshole?* (inner thoughts)🙃

Him: Why do you want to know


I wanted to ask him if I should go get him his lawyer because obviously he felt he was being interrogated. I got so frustrated! There was awkward silence for maybe 5 minutes and I decided to ask him what’s his type. The type of girls he usually goes for.

He looks at me and smirks.

“Well I usually date mixed and Hispanic chicks. A few Caucasian girls.  I don’t usually go out with  black girls”

He went on this elaborate rant on how beautiful these women are and what black women lack.

Okay Okay, I know everybody is allowed to have their own preferences but he obviously knew from my Instagram that I was black. So I was wondering why he even recommended to go on the date.  By the way, this guy is also black, probably darker than me.

When he made the statement I wasn’t upset. I’m the type of person to listen to your personal views rationally and then let you know whether I agree with you or not. But this blatant disrespect for black women was really pissing me off. My calm demeanor seemed to either confuse or provoked him. He then continued, “yeah you’re too black for me”

Before I could even respond, he blurted out “but we can still fuck”.


I busted out laughing asking if he was out of his mind. This dude was acting like he was a young Denzel Washington…


when he wasn’t even flavor flav…


No behavior and no manners and he thought we was going to fuck🤔. At this point I knew he was delusional.

The whole time I was being so polite and friendly. But I had enough. So I very nicely said…

‘Listen, We will not have sex tonight or any other night. Lets make this our last interaction ever! Your attitude is trash and that alone has made my pussy drier than the Sahara desert🏜. Next time you’re late then let the person waiting know. If you’re not interested in your date then be a man about it and not waste the other person’s time😡😡😡.’

I got up and left the bar. That asshole just ruined a perfect Thursday night of watching kdramas and left me with nothing but a serious migraine🤕.


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