LIOG…Music Appreciation🎶 (The Zaddy Edition😍😍)

I’ve been thinking for the longest time that I wanted to do a music appreciation blogpost. And honestly it’s been really hard to pick what aspect of the music world I was going to give a shout out. Scrolling through my iTunes list and I listen to a WIDEEEEE range of music. I thought that my playlist ‘most recently played🎧’ would have helped to narrow down the selection but epic fail. I listen to all genre of music. It was especially difficult since I listen to songs based on my mood of the day. So I thought why not give a shout out to my top favorite music zaddies lol.

Zaddy😍 (pl. Zaddies)–  the slang term for a really “handsome” guy who is very appealing and looks really fashionable. Swag, Sex Appeal and look sexy attractive. (Urban Dictionary)

These artistes/idols/musicians they have a special place in my heart💞. They can do no wrong in my eyes and I will always support their music. I fell in love with their music first and I think my love for their music made them very attractive in my eyes. It will be extremely clear from this list that I don’t specifically have a type of male that I’m attracted to. My love for music doesn’t discriminate. I narrowed down my zaddy list to 5 artists. Trust me this was extremely difficult. Process of elimination came down to whose music I had more in iTunes (meaning I actually spent money for their music🤑…not saying I illegally download 😏lol) and whether I stalk their social media on a regular 🌾👀🌾 lol.

***I excluded zaddies from this list that haven’t made new music in a hot minute***



Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham😘

Lots of love for Jimmy from Degrassi. I use to think Degrassi was the realest show on television.  Dealt with issues that were happening during high school that no-one really spoke loudly about. Now when Drake switched to rap I was one of those negative nancies lol.

” where is crippled Jimmy going🤔?” 😂😂


The first time I heard Drake was on Timbaland’s song Say Something and I was like “Okkkkaaaayyy drake I see you”. I loved his albums So Far Gone and Thank Me Later but that Take Care album made me a stan for life!

I raped the essence of this song with the replay button lol. My all time favorite album is Nothing Was The Same. I loved every single song from that album and for that reason it gets number one spot.

Prince Royce!


Mi Bachata papi!😘

Its ironic that I called him my Bachata papi since the first song that made me fall in love was in the pop genre and wasn’t even in Spanish.  My first Prince Royce song was Stuck On A Feeling ft. Snoop Dogg, the beat and lyrics were so catchy it was pretty much hard not to like that song. When I started going to Spanish clubs in college I was literally thrown into the arms of Prince Royce.

This is my all time favorite song.

He recently came out with a new song Moneda and its pretty good.👍🏾

Kendji Girac!


Mon Amour! My francophone zaddy!😘

Now I have a much wider vocabulary and understanding of the Spanish language than I do with French, but there is just something about the way this man sings that speaks to me. He’s a new love and I already believe this man can do no wrong. So far I love all of his songs! Such a beautiful voice.

It was extremely hard to pick a song that really started the love because his voice basically just shot love arrows from the first syllable. But I’ve listened to the song Andalouse a lot so enjoy!



My Kings of Kpop! 😘😘😘😘😘

10 years of pushing out quality kpop music. They deserve a permanent place in my heart. These five boys I’ve watched grown into men( well I only started listening to them in 09  lol). Through adversities and scandals I’ve supported them. Official  VIP right here. GD, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung and Seungri are all extremely talented. I have this maternal love for this group, like I genuinely wish them nothing but the best. I’ve been asked who is my bias and I cant really answer because they all have different personalities that I adore so much. Even their solo work is pretty good. However, my fave album is MADE. I fucks with every song on that album.

This was my fave song from that album….

Now I’m just pateintly waiting for their comeback album next month. It totally sucks that military service is right around the corner but 화이팅 oppas! I’ll continue to love y’all through   TOP’s upcoming hiatus.



kR&B sex specialist!

His music has got to be blessed by the sex gods! Now the influence Jay Park’s music has on me is both terrifying and thrilling. My adrenaline is through the roof and its like he’s literally whispering sweet kisses to my pussy. Jay The Pussy Whisperer.  I’ve listened to a lot of musicians and my heart feels like its about to burst from my chest when listening to Jay Park. I’m not sure if he’s lowkey a sorcerer or I’m just naturally horny for Jay Park’s music but its an issue.  Chacha beats and Jay’s voice keeps producing number one hits for me. I started listening to Jay Park maybe 2 years ago, and I religiously wait for his comeback albums like its the second coming. I love the whole AOMG family. His album Everything You Wanted was released this month and I listen to it everyday!

I love love love the Korean version of this song, but since his fine ass did the English version for his music video I’ll share it.

So much Caribbean/Jamaican feels from this song.

To my music zaddies! I love you/ te amo/ je t’aime/사랑해! Keep pushing out that awesome music that fills my heart with glee!❤️❤️


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