LIOG…It’s A Good Day To Start An Office Fire🔥😡

Hello Lovelies!🙂

***warning expletives will be used***

Now I didn’t want to start this blog post without giving a life update. But due to a specific circumstance I woke up on the petty side🙃.

So for my  new & faithful readers or followers I got a new job. I was in a sucky place of life being unemployed for a couple months and it was really starting to take effect mentally. I was constantly just stressed out about finances and whether I would have to move back home. You’re probably thinking my situation could be much worse and what’s that to stress about. But the idea of going back home to my parents house, I was beginning to feel like a failure at life. We all want to progress successfully in a forward motion. Going home felt like a step backwards. I started to question my 25 years and what accomplishments I’ve made.  Luckily I started a new job last month.

I don’t want to put this company on blast…but finding some thread of respect for this major corporation I will try to restrain myself and will refer to them as Auntie Flow. *wink wink*.

I was hired as a contractor until the end of the year. The task I’m given to complete is really mundane and time consuming but I came here specifically for the money. So, the last thing I’ll do is bitch about how boring the job is, I’m here for two months to collect a steady paycheck until I find out what my next step is for 2017. Little to my knowledge did I not realize Auntie Flow thought this was fucking slavery days😡. Its a brand, new sparkling month of December and these people have not paid me for the month of November. Now, I’m at a financial crisis where I can only live from paycheck to paycheck and when I haven’t been paid I get really pissed. I am wondering in which fairytale fantasy are these people living in to hold my check at ransom. I got bills to be paid! I have to fucking travel everyday! And it is not cheap!  Rent! I work from 8am-5pm everyday and don’t  get home until 9pm because I’m sitting in fucking traffic! And I cannot get paid!😡😡😤 The more I’m venting the angrier I am actually getting. It’s like excuse after fucking excuse. I’m going to need someone to write me this paycheck TODAY! Its absolutely ridiculous when they expect me to continue working. Then when I decided to take up placards and protest, they act shocked like they really didn’t try to not pay me. My pissed off level is at a strong 200%. Its like one struggle after the next and I just cant catch a fucking break!


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