LIOG…Life Lessons, Disappointments & Growth-That was 2016!

2016…What can I say than it surely wasn’t my best year. I came into this year optimistic with bright goals and expectations and by the end of the year I’m feeling like all I did was get a constant asswhooping by life. I must be a masochist because through all the downfalls and failures I still decided to push through to find my silver lining.

I started the year in a relationship with my best friend and though things didn’t work out I have no regrets. I’m just happy we were both able to find some common ground and remain friends. The dynamic of our friendship has surely changed because we no longer talk as often or hung out with each other. So I feel like I lost my bestfriend and that makes me sad. But in the times without the tears, I know that Jake’s a great guy. Just not for me😩. If it’s one thing I learnt from that experience is that the friend zone was designed for a reason lol.🙅

After my relationship with Jake, things began to take a steady decline📉. I was hurt about how bad things had gotten with Jake and instead of partying and getting myself new dick. I did the polar opposite and consumed myself into my work. Granted their was overwhelming tension in the work environment with the management and staff. I found my job to be enjoyable. I was at least doing something I liked. Now, not being in a  relationship I solely focused on  working on myself. I have accumulated enough days off on the job to plan a trip for the end of the year. So I was focused on just making enough money so I could travel to Seoul. I had my heart set of traveling. So I consumed myself in the job. And then when I thought shit could not get any worse I lost my job. Honestly, I felt like I was hit by a bus. This was something I had actually enjoyed doing that was taken away from me in one swoop. I was angry for a few days and then I bounced back and thought it doesn’t help to sulk and not do anything. I thought I could get another job in my field quickly, so I sent out the resumes One month passed, two months passed & finances was looking pretty tight. So much for going to Seoul, because it now became an issue of will I even be able to pay for rent. That brought the most stress and I started to withdraw myself from  family and friends😔. The dark thoughts and depression kicked in and all I felt was despair. Through this period I had lost a few friends in a car accident. I was frustrated with everything and at a moment of weakness found myself cursing at God for all my suffering. But like an angel in disguise I randomly bumped into Jake, yes that same xbestfriend/xboyfriend that I had resented so much at the time. He gave me some much needed words of encouragement that allowed me to rise from my slump. I decided to broaden my horizons and applied for job opportunities I had zero qualifications. Within weeks I was receiving calls and asked to come in for interviews. I had reached a low point in life that I only could put myself out there and be optimistic that everything will eventually work out. After my conversation with Jake I had put my pride to the side and spoke with my friends and family. I had forgotten somewhere in the mix of heighten emotions that my family and friends will always be there for me. By the third month of being unemployed I had finally gotten another job. It had its ups and downs as well. But after the many problems I’ve been through this year, the small problems don’t phase me. I realize I have grown so much this  year. I’ve reached my metamorphosis because I finally feel like an adult. I don’t know how to explain it in words but the college girl mindset I had is no more. I’ve finally decided to face all my responsibilities head on and broaden my horizons.

Being the last day of 2016, I can say I don’t have any regrets. I wouldn’t wish to change anything that happened in my life. However, I am disappointed that my blog had been neglected in the process. Blogging is something I love to do and I want to see my blog grow and blossom in 2017. So this being the last blog post for 2016, I want to thank all my followers and readers for being with me on this journey. I know a few bloggers have been a real inspiration and given me some much needed advice and support. And I really and truly appreciate that. Now, I can’t promise that 2017 will be any better, but let’s start the new year on a high note. Cautiously fulfilling the goals and dreams we desire.



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