LIOG…I Am A Weirdo

“You’re a weirdo”😳😳😳

A statement I know all too well. I used to hear that so often as a child that I would get upset. I’ve always liked to do things all the way outside the box. That over active imagination and the need to  soak up knowledge. My thought process has always been a little different than the average lol. Three encounters at work today solidified that I am an anomaly to my environment.


The first incident happened today on my way to work. Leaving my house I always seem to coincidentally bump into my neighbor. Honestly, I think  he ‘s coordinated his time to when I’m leaving the house but you know I’m not even going to go there. Anyways small chitchat and he decided to ask me about a video game. I’ve officially left the gamer world since high school, so it was very random & awkward that he would even bring that up as a conversation starter. Almost as if he was throwing bait to see if we had mutual compatibility. But weirdly enough I was completely unphased by the conversation. We talked about classic video games and how he wanted me to check out this RPG game and I was totally into the conversation. I am literally shocked that we bonded over videogames. We even talked about soccer and our favorite team from the premier league. My inner tomboy/nerdy self was actually enjoying the moment. Then I have high self esteem, so I confidently don’t care what someone thinks about me. He probably thought I was weird for even knowing half of what he was talking about.

The second incident…Mhm..well this one is normal to me lol. I listen to different music genres. If I’m introduced to a good song then it automatically gets added in my playlist. Also I listen to a genre the whole day based on whatever mood I’m in. So today’s genre was rock. Now, as black, Jamaican female playing a bunch of white music the whole day and rock/alternative rock music I’m  drawing major attention to myself. Especially when I unconsciously start singing the lyrics. But rock in a different language my coworker was not expecting. I started off with the basics; AC/DC, guns&roses,nirvana,MCR etc. Then switched to hello sleepwalkers and the oral cigarettes. The look on my coworker’s face was pricelessπŸ˜‚. He asked, “what the fuck are you listening to???” 

And I casually replied… “Jrock! Japanese rock music, it’s pretty awesome”. 


He stared at me puzzled and shook his head. One minute I’m listening to trap music and the next day it’s kpop. This really falls under my hobby’s ADHD because I literally listen to all genres of music. If I’m being honest sometimes mainstream music is boring, so I gotta switch it up. For people that have to interact with me, well they might just think I’m weird. I’m certain that  coworker officially thinks so.

Now, the third incident is really embarrassing😳. For some unknown reason I laugh at dad jokes. And I don’t mean I laugh due to the awkwardness and lameness of the joke. I literally find it funny. I think my brain hears the joke and exaggerates the whole joke. You know dad jokes are typically told by nerdy guys. My coworker told a joke today and it was so lame that it could trigger second hand embarassment. He made some Star Trek reference that completely went over everyone’s head. And I was literally in tears. I internally get angry when I laugh at dad jokes because I know the joke was lame but I still found it so funny. My other coworker’s were like “Sha-Rih it’s not that funny”. But I’m  popping up. Honestly, the delivery was awkward but it was a very witty joke.  πŸ˜‚

My sister is convinced I’ll be with a nerdy person. But I go from one extreme to the next that I’m positive I’ll need a normal person for balance. ☯

My friend once said this to me, “I don’t know how to gauge you. You’re adaptability in any situation and that makes it hard to read you.” He then followed up the question to ask what type of guys I’m interested in 😏. Thought he was slick. But he was right, the interests I have are so wide that it shocks most people when I talk about things so out of my character. And I have this need to want to learn and experience new cultures and things. This just adds to my weirdness because there are these set preconceived notions on the type of person I should be based on my color and gender. Well I’m bending all those barriers and waving my weirdo flag.

 My name is Sha-Rih. I’m a weirdo and that’s okay with me. 


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