LIOG…Where’s The Love??😩😩

It’s that time of the year again. The time of the year when there is this overwhelming feeling of love in the air. A time to be surrounded by roses, chocolates and over sized teddy bears. The time for couples to be at every corner kissing and holding hands in the bliss of the moment. Its VALENTINE’S DAY!

Being single on this day, I am hyper-sensitive to everyone around that’s celebrating on this day. Several bouquets and gift baskets coming in and out the office. Women squealing over the sentimental messages written by their significant other. Social media is flooded with mushy photos, proposals and excitement for the lit sexcapades many will enjoy. And I’m sitting here like….


Now, I am definitely not against this commercialized day. Supermarkets & pharmacies will be having an awesome sale on chocolate tomorrow. How could I be even mad. I await Feb 15 and all I need to do is get over the hump of Feb 14. But this year, I am feeling jealous. Let’s not get it confused, I’m not jealous that my friends are receiving presents like a new Audi or taking expensive trips to Paris & Dubai.Well I’m a little jealous about that lol. Its the thought of being alone. Not finding that other half that just gets me and all my crazy and loves me unconditionally. I crave that connection more than ever on Valentines Day.  The more I think about it, It would be way easier  being cheek-to-cheek with a rainbow unicorn, being abducting by aliens or gaining superpowers  by falling into a vat of toxic waste than actually finding that connection with another person.  Especially in this generation, true love is becoming a fairy-tale you tell to children. My coworker informed me that for him, this day is “matey” day aka a sidechick’s holiday. Everybody is getting loving on this day to keep the peace. I looked at him ready to argue and I thought about it and he’s so right. Ignoring the fact that the day is highly commercialized, its an easy fix for side pieces feeling neglected about not being the main/wifey. Its pretty twisted but his point was valid. It made me feel grateful that I was actually single. But being single can be a lonely place and I don’t want to spend all my time by myself. Where’s the fun in that. Fast forward to the next fifty years, I want to be sitting on a open porch with my other half looking at the pastel colored sky as the sunsets.

You know the craziest thing about this mini rant post about wanting a significant other. Tomorrow, I’ll be like “Fuck being in a relationship, Single life rules!” LOLπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.


Totally deranged I know.

I know many people don’t celebrate this day and it’s totally fine. I feel with all this rampant violence, we need a little love to go around. A time for us to express our love to each other.




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