“Are You Even Black”๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ

It’s Black History Month

A month to recognize the awesomeness of my people. As a black race, we’ve come far and my ancestors sacrificed a lot for me to reach the point in life where I’m at now. I am truly grateful and proud of my people. We are an awesome, beautiful and talented race of people destined for greatness.

With that said! As a black women I hate explaining my interests to other black people for things I like that aren’t “black”. Yes I just quoted the word black as to define all the known black stereotypes.

What are these stereotypes…

  • Eating watermelon & fry chicken
  • Knowing how to dance
  • Drinking gallons of kool-aid
  • Having a baby daddy
  • Ill-tempered & vulgar
  • Being a thug etc.

Now there is some truth to some of these stereotypes because I love fry chicken lol. But why should I bind myself to stereotypes.

I have to justify why I watch certain shows and why I learn different languages. And instead of positive comments, I receive nothing but disgust. Many people think I’m abandoning my culture for another culture. Absurd right? But this is a real issue I face daily.

I’m Jamaican, and if you didn’t know Jamaica is a melting pot of people. Hence, our motto…”Out of many one people”. We have Africans, Asians, Indians and Hispanics; all living on our tiny island with over 3 million people. Now, I love my country and all it has to offer but I’m like a knowledge sponge. I want to learn about other countries and about their history, food and people. My interest obviously confuses people and I don’t even know why they’re trying to understand me. There are so many countries in the world! If I was wealthy I would travel to all of them. So what’s so wrong with trying to learn and take an appreciation to differences.

On average I don’t care what people think about me. I just live my life ignoring the negativity around me. But when my own people have nothing but dumb shit to say, it really starts to irk me.

Now, I could go all the way back to high school with this dilemma. The confusing part about my school days was that I should have be classed as a nerd but I was such a tomboy. I talked mostly with the guys and that spawned a few haters. But back then I really did not care. I had a life goal and once I became focused on my goal, I don’t focus on the negativity. I played the piano for half of my life, so I prefer to study listening to classical music. It just put me in zen-peace of mind. It made me more focused on what was in front of me. Now, I don’t know why it would bother anyone when I have in headphones.

“Do you like that kind of music?, You’re so white”

“Do you even know any black songs?”

Let me not even start to talk about the days I enjoyed listening to alternative rock. My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boys, Panic at the Disco!, Evanescence and We the Kings.

I was just called an oreo. A term used to describe someone dark skinned on the outside but a white person on the inside.

The weird thing about that comment was I listened to all types of music. Dancehall, Reggae, Pop, HipHop, Kpop, Jrock, Hindi, Soca, Naija etc. So many different genres. So I just refused to explain myself to anyone. I must have missed the memo that I had to listen strictly to black artists as a black person.

In college, I became a Latin American enthusiast. I took a few Spanish classes, went to Latin clubs, went to any cultural events at school. It was bachata and the food! Just sucked me right in!

I remember a group a friends and I were talking about actors and football players that were attractive. Before I could even put my opinion in, I was shut down at the door!

“You know Sha-Rih love up the hispanics.”

“You even like black men?”

“She probably prefer light-skinned guys”

“You know Sha-Rih isn’t black”

Now, I honestly took offense to those comments. It was the first time in my life that I felt hurt by a person’s comment. Especially since I considered them my friends.  I knew they were just joking because they’ve seen my past boyfriends. They were all black guys. But is it such a crime to like men from another race. Last time I checked isn’t it about the love.

I’ve recently started to learn both Korean & Japanese languages. I’ve always like kdramas & anime. So I thought why not learn the language. This was the HOBBY ADD syndrome.

For those new to my blog; HOBBY ADD; Hobby Attention Deficit Disorder; having multiple things that I’m interested in doing and always being skilled up to the beginner level until I find a new hobby. 

Now, I go hardcore when I’m dedicated to learning something new. And I get so much shit from my friends.

“ching chung yun”

“black chiney”

*Asian walks by with a group of my friend* “Mr Chin, this girl like you”

My face:


I’m annoyed for multiple reasons because I don’t think ignorance is anything to be proud of.  This is not only with my black friends. All race of people have preconceived notions about a next group of people and make fun or use racial slurs about each other.

I’ve never denied my black heritage or felt ashamed to be black. So I feel insulted when a person belittles me as if there are set guide lines that makes a person black. I love myself and I love my skin. So I shouldn’t be treated differently as a black person because I stray from the norm.



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