LIOG…”Do you not understand English😒” 

I have a storytime to share wit y’all today! It’s story time with a few pics from my snapchat! 🎉🎉By the way, if you want to see food pics or me acting like a complete weirdo then follow me on snapchat; 👻sha-rih. I was slacking before but now that my social life is retuning to normal. My snaps be lit on the weekends.

The Approach; The technique a guy uses in order to talk up with a girl.


Now I don’t want to get too in depth with the male flirting techniques. Because it ranges and it depends on the personality of the guy and the type of girl. Some techniques work and some don’t work. Kinda like a trial and error. For females, it is not out of the ordinary for a straight male to approach them. This has been a natural occurrence happening since the dawn of time. What irks the living hell out of me about the flirting game of some men. It is how disrespectful and aggressive some guys are when they get rejected. I absolutely HATTTEE having to repeat myself when some guys just cant take a hint. When I said I wasnt interested the first time, it was not an invitation to ask a second or third time. Annnd it brings me to the story time…

So I popped in the supermarket yesterday to get one item only. Toilet paper! A quick in and out. But I ended up strolling my fat ass to the alcohol section.

Now, I stood there for a hot minute wondering if I wanted beer or if I wanted a bottle of prosecco. While standing there I felt this presence staring into my soul. I figured I was blocking the way. So I turned around and this guy was looking at me like a predator in the wild.

He looked at me from head to toe with zero discretion. He licked his lips and I instantly felt a chill run down my spine. It was soo creepy!

He goes, “I like what I see. Can I get you know you, please & thank you”

Now, I stared blankly wondering if he’s intoxicated or maybe I’m the drunk one.

I replied “nah I’m not interested”.

For some unknown reason, he took that as a sign that he should come closer to me. So my natural reaction was to recoil back. I pushed my shopping cart 🛒 away quickly out of the aisle. To my surprise he’s right behind me, asking the same dumb question. I’m more annoyed than ever because he obviously does not understand the English words coming from my mouth.

My inner thoughts are heated, and I’m swearing in every language I can speak.

Now that I’m ignoring him. He starts getting cheeky as a way to save his ego. He starts to insult me.

“Do you think you are all that?”

“Are you deaf?”

“You ain’t even that cute, you ugly” 

I’m trying my hardest not to start a scene. Praying to the Heavenly Father to hold my hand. Because I was .2seconds away from carrying out a verbal assault.

I turned to him and said “Ima tell you one last time I’m not interested. I have a boyfriend” Complete lie about having a boyfriend but he dialed back the aggression. Like why do I have to lie about having a man for you to get the picture.

I thought I could go about my day peacefully. Nope it does not end there!

He then goes, “We can be friends”. 

“Because you’re cute, I really want to be friends and get to know you. I can be a great friend” 

I looked at him and contemplated if I should call security. His behavior was already bordering on creepy and stalker. And with him asking to be friends, I was more convinced he had just freshly escaped from a mental institution.

I quickly made my way to the cash register, checked my groceries and exited the supermarket. I’m glad he didn’t follow me outside because I would have maced his ass!

He was the definition of creeper! A message to all males out there. Please Respect The NO! It was said for a reason. Unwarranted persistence will only lead to a restraining order or kick to the balls. It  ain’t cute at all. Too many beautiful women in the world to stay salty at one that don’t want to give you the time of day.


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