My Life is One Great….RANT


MY FRIST BLOG!!! …. what should I write in my first post?!! :)!! I am SUPERRRR excited and have lot of ideas rambling around in my head but since I’m a ranter I AM GOING TO RANT!!   I am going to try and make this mainly about ME but if I am being honest this might just go off on a tangent.

My name is Shari but I like to spell it Sha-Rih! (whole concept of individuality and creativity), its still pronounced the same. Born Novemeber 22nd on the beautiful island of Jamaica! So I am a Sagittarius and when it comes to my love life I take zodiac signs very serious. Its sort of an obsession of mine to know a guy’s zodiac sign before I take an interest. (Yes, I know its completely dumb). Oh btw I’m a 23 years old college graduate. So I am in this weird limbo of finding myself and what I want to do for the rest of my life. I would like the option of just being born into royalty but I wouldn’t be this crazy chic without all the struggles that have essentially molded me to be the person that I am.

Big movie fanatic! I love horror films, I don’t know what it is about supernatural and psychologically thriller flicks that really got me addicted. I like horror cult classics as well but only for the cinematography. I love the arts which is weird since I majored in the sciences. But I love to do a lot of artsy inspired stuff; drawing mostly anime cuz I am secretly in love with Asian culture, taking photos(75% selfies lol), travelling and visiting new places, fashion,  hiking on mild terrains and writing. Being the crazy person that I am, I have already written two installments to my memoir. Mhmm I probably should have taken a writing course in college, because I do see myself writing novels. In this crazy brain of mine  I have a bunch of wild and innovative ideas. But sometimes too lazy to follow through with any stories I decided to actually start but cant complete 😦

I love all types of music! Country music took time to grow on me but after living in Nashville for a year I have an appreciation for it. I mostly listen to Hip Hop and R&B. I use to listen to a lot of Dancehall but since I don’t really know the current Dancehall music in Jamaica I mainly stick to my fave artists Vybz Kartel and Aidonia.

I am very confident about who I am as a person, but have flaws just like everyone else. I am self conscious about my body image only because I am a huge fashionista and cute clothes tend to range in xtra small and small. But its always important to remember to, ‘LOVE YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL WHATEVER SHAPE, SIZE OR COLOR YOU ARE.’  I suck at expressing my feelings to anybody; hence the blog, this is my release. I don’t like asking for help even when I know I need it and 50% of the time I am literally drowning in my emotions but no one knows because I am always happy and smiling.

I love volunteering, it makes me happy just helping in any way.

I am a cat person but  love all animals, some I prefer to see behind a glass like reptiles.

Umm my  fave food is mac N cheese though I’m slightly lactose intolerant. I do like to try food from different cultures. And of course I cant go without my Jamaican food.

Fave alcoholic beverage mai tais and I am allergic to pineapples and still I slurp this drink down like it was water.

Ok for my first post I think I’ve mostly stuck to the topic! Super proud of myself. I honestly cant wait to really invite everyone into my crazy world !!


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