“Are You Even Black”😳😳

It’s Black History Month

A month to recognize the awesomeness of my people. As a black race, we’ve come far and my ancestors sacrificed a lot for me to reach the point in life where I’m at now. I am truly grateful and proud of my people. We are an awesome, beautiful and talented race of people destined for greatness.

With that said! As a black women I hate explaining my interests to other black people for things I like that aren’t “black”. Yes I just quoted the word black as to define all the known black stereotypes.

What are these stereotypes…

  • Eating watermelon & fry chicken
  • Knowing how to dance
  • Drinking gallons of kool-aid
  • Having a baby daddy
  • Ill-tempered & vulgar
  • Being a thug etc.

Now there is some truth to some of these stereotypes because I love fry chicken lol. But why should I bind myself to stereotypes.

I have to justify why I watch certain shows and why I learn different languages. And instead of positive comments, I receive nothing but disgust. Many people think I’m abandoning my culture for another culture. Absurd right? But this is a real issue I face daily.

I’m Jamaican, and if you didn’t know Jamaica is a melting pot of people. Hence, our motto…”Out of many one people”. We have Africans, Asians, Indians and Hispanics; all living on our tiny island with over 3 million people. Now, I love my country and all it has to offer but I’m like a knowledge sponge. I want to learn about other countries and about their history, food and people. My interest obviously confuses people and I don’t even know why they’re trying to understand me. There are so many countries in the world! If I was wealthy I would travel to all of them. So what’s so wrong with trying to learn and take an appreciation to differences.

On average I don’t care what people think about me. I just live my life ignoring the negativity around me. But when my own people have nothing but dumb shit to say, it really starts to irk me.

Now, I could go all the way back to high school with this dilemma. The confusing part about my school days was that I should have be classed as a nerd but I was such a tomboy. I talked mostly with the guys and that spawned a few haters. But back then I really did not care. I had a life goal and once I became focused on my goal, I don’t focus on the negativity. I played the piano for half of my life, so I prefer to study listening to classical music. It just put me in zen-peace of mind. It made me more focused on what was in front of me. Now, I don’t know why it would bother anyone when I have in headphones.

“Do you like that kind of music?, You’re so white”

“Do you even know any black songs?”

Let me not even start to talk about the days I enjoyed listening to alternative rock. My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boys, Panic at the Disco!, Evanescence and We the Kings.

I was just called an oreo. A term used to describe someone dark skinned on the outside but a white person on the inside.

The weird thing about that comment was I listened to all types of music. Dancehall, Reggae, Pop, HipHop, Kpop, Jrock, Hindi, Soca, Naija etc. So many different genres. So I just refused to explain myself to anyone. I must have missed the memo that I had to listen strictly to black artists as a black person.

In college, I became a Latin American enthusiast. I took a few Spanish classes, went to Latin clubs, went to any cultural events at school. It was bachata and the food! Just sucked me right in!

I remember a group a friends and I were talking about actors and football players that were attractive. Before I could even put my opinion in, I was shut down at the door!

“You know Sha-Rih love up the hispanics.”

“You even like black men?”

“She probably prefer light-skinned guys”

“You know Sha-Rih isn’t black”

Now, I honestly took offense to those comments. It was the first time in my life that I felt hurt by a person’s comment. Especially since I considered them my friends.  I knew they were just joking because they’ve seen my past boyfriends. They were all black guys. But is it such a crime to like men from another race. Last time I checked isn’t it about the love.

I’ve recently started to learn both Korean & Japanese languages. I’ve always like kdramas & anime. So I thought why not learn the language. This was the HOBBY ADD syndrome.

For those new to my blog; HOBBY ADD; Hobby Attention Deficit Disorder; having multiple things that I’m interested in doing and always being skilled up to the beginner level until I find a new hobby. 

Now, I go hardcore when I’m dedicated to learning something new. And I get so much shit from my friends.

“ching chung yun”

“black chiney”

*Asian walks by with a group of my friend* “Mr Chin, this girl like you”

My face:


I’m annoyed for multiple reasons because I don’t think ignorance is anything to be proud of.  This is not only with my black friends. All race of people have preconceived notions about a next group of people and make fun or use racial slurs about each other.

I’ve never denied my black heritage or felt ashamed to be black. So I feel insulted when a person belittles me as if there are set guide lines that makes a person black. I love myself and I love my skin. So I shouldn’t be treated differently as a black person because I stray from the norm.


LIOG…Where’s The Love??😩😩

It’s that time of the year again. The time of the year when there is this overwhelming feeling of love in the air. A time to be surrounded by roses, chocolates and over sized teddy bears. The time for couples to be at every corner kissing and holding hands in the bliss of the moment. Its VALENTINE’S DAY!

Being single on this day, I am hyper-sensitive to everyone around that’s celebrating on this day. Several bouquets and gift baskets coming in and out the office. Women squealing over the sentimental messages written by their significant other. Social media is flooded with mushy photos, proposals and excitement for the lit sexcapades many will enjoy. And I’m sitting here like….


Now, I am definitely not against this commercialized day. Supermarkets & pharmacies will be having an awesome sale on chocolate tomorrow. How could I be even mad. I await Feb 15 and all I need to do is get over the hump of Feb 14. But this year, I am feeling jealous. Let’s not get it confused, I’m not jealous that my friends are receiving presents like a new Audi or taking expensive trips to Paris & Dubai.Well I’m a little jealous about that lol. Its the thought of being alone. Not finding that other half that just gets me and all my crazy and loves me unconditionally. I crave that connection more than ever on Valentines Day.  The more I think about it, It would be way easier  being cheek-to-cheek with a rainbow unicorn, being abducting by aliens or gaining superpowers  by falling into a vat of toxic waste than actually finding that connection with another person.  Especially in this generation, true love is becoming a fairy-tale you tell to children. My coworker informed me that for him, this day is “matey” day aka a sidechick’s holiday. Everybody is getting loving on this day to keep the peace. I looked at him ready to argue and I thought about it and he’s so right. Ignoring the fact that the day is highly commercialized, its an easy fix for side pieces feeling neglected about not being the main/wifey. Its pretty twisted but his point was valid. It made me feel grateful that I was actually single. But being single can be a lonely place and I don’t want to spend all my time by myself. Where’s the fun in that. Fast forward to the next fifty years, I want to be sitting on a open porch with my other half looking at the pastel colored sky as the sunsets.

You know the craziest thing about this mini rant post about wanting a significant other. Tomorrow, I’ll be like “Fuck being in a relationship, Single life rules!” LOL😂😂.


Totally deranged I know.

I know many people don’t celebrate this day and it’s totally fine. I feel with all this rampant violence, we need a little love to go around. A time for us to express our love to each other.



LIOG…I Am A Weirdo

“You’re a weirdo”😳😳😳

A statement I know all too well. I used to hear that so often as a child that I would get upset. I’ve always liked to do things all the way outside the box. That over active imagination and the need to  soak up knowledge. My thought process has always been a little different than the average lol. Three encounters at work today solidified that I am an anomaly to my environment.


The first incident happened today on my way to work. Leaving my house I always seem to coincidentally bump into my neighbor. Honestly, I think  he ‘s coordinated his time to when I’m leaving the house but you know I’m not even going to go there. Anyways small chitchat and he decided to ask me about a video game. I’ve officially left the gamer world since high school, so it was very random & awkward that he would even bring that up as a conversation starter. Almost as if he was throwing bait to see if we had mutual compatibility. But weirdly enough I was completely unphased by the conversation. We talked about classic video games and how he wanted me to check out this RPG game and I was totally into the conversation. I am literally shocked that we bonded over videogames. We even talked about soccer and our favorite team from the premier league. My inner tomboy/nerdy self was actually enjoying the moment. Then I have high self esteem, so I confidently don’t care what someone thinks about me. He probably thought I was weird for even knowing half of what he was talking about.

The second incident…Mhm..well this one is normal to me lol. I listen to different music genres. If I’m introduced to a good song then it automatically gets added in my playlist. Also I listen to a genre the whole day based on whatever mood I’m in. So today’s genre was rock. Now, as black, Jamaican female playing a bunch of white music the whole day and rock/alternative rock music I’m  drawing major attention to myself. Especially when I unconsciously start singing the lyrics. But rock in a different language my coworker was not expecting. I started off with the basics; AC/DC, guns&roses,nirvana,MCR etc. Then switched to hello sleepwalkers and the oral cigarettes. The look on my coworker’s face was priceless😂. He asked, “what the fuck are you listening to???” 

And I casually replied… “Jrock! Japanese rock music, it’s pretty awesome”. 


He stared at me puzzled and shook his head. One minute I’m listening to trap music and the next day it’s kpop. This really falls under my hobby’s ADHD because I literally listen to all genres of music. If I’m being honest sometimes mainstream music is boring, so I gotta switch it up. For people that have to interact with me, well they might just think I’m weird. I’m certain that  coworker officially thinks so.

Now, the third incident is really embarrassing😳. For some unknown reason I laugh at dad jokes. And I don’t mean I laugh due to the awkwardness and lameness of the joke. I literally find it funny. I think my brain hears the joke and exaggerates the whole joke. You know dad jokes are typically told by nerdy guys. My coworker told a joke today and it was so lame that it could trigger second hand embarassment. He made some Star Trek reference that completely went over everyone’s head. And I was literally in tears. I internally get angry when I laugh at dad jokes because I know the joke was lame but I still found it so funny. My other coworker’s were like “Sha-Rih it’s not that funny”. But I’m  popping up. Honestly, the delivery was awkward but it was a very witty joke.  😂

My sister is convinced I’ll be with a nerdy person. But I go from one extreme to the next that I’m positive I’ll need a normal person for balance. ☯

My friend once said this to me, “I don’t know how to gauge you. You’re adaptability in any situation and that makes it hard to read you.” He then followed up the question to ask what type of guys I’m interested in 😏. Thought he was slick. But he was right, the interests I have are so wide that it shocks most people when I talk about things so out of my character. And I have this need to want to learn and experience new cultures and things. This just adds to my weirdness because there are these set preconceived notions on the type of person I should be based on my color and gender. Well I’m bending all those barriers and waving my weirdo flag.

 My name is Sha-Rih. I’m a weirdo and that’s okay with me. 

LIOG…Having The Last Laugh!😂😂

You know karma is truly a bitch! And today I absolutely love her!

So I got a phone call an hour ago and from the last person on Earth I expected to hear from. Who exactly I got this call from…the ass wipes at my previous job. Yes the same people that let me go. Calling to ask if I wanted back my job.


Now, if you’ve been reading my previous postings I stated that I was laid off due to downsizing. With all the time I’ve put into that company I felt angry and wronged about how everything was handled. But you know everything happens for a reason and I’ve bounced back. Now, after 5 months, they have the fucking audacity to call me asking if I’d like back my job.


How about apologizing! The conversation was so nonchalant as if I went on an extended paid vacation. The anger from the past just washed over my entire soul and I was livid!


I would rather plaster a pile of shit on my chest and bake in the sun than step foot back in that company. The resentment I have would be too strong that all I would do is plot sabotage. I need to move on with my life. So, working back with that company is a step in the wrong direction.

I was so stunned by the call that I missed the opportunity to get everything off my chest. Because I had ALOTTT to say. But no regrets. I declined and I am moving on with my life.

Once I came off the phone I was just laughing hysterically. Its like I finally understood the expression ‘having the last laugh.’ Never know when you have a good thing until its gone.


Life Is One Great…

18 Days into the New Year and this is my first post for 2017. This is somewhat concerning as I can feel my New Year Resolution to keep my blog up-to-date and popping on a steady and slow downward spiral.

Firstly, let me say this……


Its still January so saying Happy New Year should be valid enough to say. Right??😳

I’ve finally figured out my blog schedule and I’m going to do this in between break periods at work. Its my only free space in my extremely packed schedule. So instead of doing a storytime which is extremely long overdue,  I’ve decided to make this post a short life update.

Things that haven’t changed…

Work still sucks balls. This mundane workplace is slowly sucking away my life force.


Everyday one annoyance after the other. But upside I have food and shelter. So I will overlook shitty coworkers and push through.

Kdrama addiction is still real😩. I’ve accepted the fact that there is no escaping the kvortex and I am trying to make myself comfortable.🙃

Still single. My vibrator still remains to be my bestfriend. I honestly don’t even think I would even have time for a relationship since I have to be making space just to sleep. But I want to be better in 2017. Plastic dildo vs a real dick! Real dick please😏.

Music junkie! I’m dabbling into more International music but still listen to the mainstream stuff.

Lastly, I still don’t give a fuck. I think my pettiness has increased within 2016 and into 2017. I have a extremely low tolerance for bullshit. At this point I think I’m being influenced by the change of my environment. The rise of Trump and constant clapbacks has increased the shade level in society and I’ve caught the bug. Especially at work I am beyond shadey! I don’t like being asked dumb questions or unwarranted opinions. I instantly get resting bitch face.


Hence the sucking away my life force. Don’t worry I am trying to find a job in my field as soon as possible.


Things that have changed…

I’ve gained weight. This is an influence of stress and with a little dedication I can lose it. But since I am single, there is very little motivation lol. I cant add gym time to my schedule because of how busy I’ve been, so I’ve started up my low carb pescatarian diet.In three months I’ll give an update on this struggle.

Korean classes! This is the exciting part of my life. I’ve started volunteering with International Youth Fellowship and I am super pumped about the opportunities and experiences I will learn on this journey. So I take Korean classes every Saturday. Now, I wont have to wait for my favorite dramas and variety shows to be subbed! Getting older I have this overwhelming feeling to learn several languages. This could be effect of Hobby’s ADHD. I don’t necessarily want to be fluent but to be able to handle a basic conversation, being fluent is just a plus. This program is really multicultural and I am such a huge foodie that I’m excited to meet people from different parts of the world and try out their food.

I am no longer an insomniac. I don’t know if this is a blessing or a curse but I’ve been feeling like a grandma. By 8pm I am out cold! If I don’t get enough sleep my eyes are bloodshot. People think I either have pinkeye or I’m high. Both which give rise to misunderstandings I don’t need to start office rumors.

Call me Mrs. Scrooge! Because I am officially a spendthrift. Losing my previous job and realizing I had zero saving triggered that switch in my brain. I am not spending aimlessly or going out as often. I’m budgeting and spending within my means. Don’t worry there is ulterior motive to all this saving.

1. Financial Stability


2. 2018 will be my year to travel! Europe & South Korea! Here I come.


I pray that Mr. Grim Reaper will not have any plans for me because I will not leave this Earth as a peaceful spirit.

I am studying for my GRE exam and investing in getting a lab technician certification. If I ever get the opportunity to work abroad I think I’d like to work in an hospital. So it’s something I am seriously looking into. My mother has been up my ass about completing my education as soon as possible. Not looking forward to that mess. I HATE LOANS!  Plus work and school is not the easiest thing to accomplish. But several people have done it so I should be able to do it as well. I’ve added it to the list as I’ll be seriously looking into my options at the end of the year.

Well that’s been happening in my life! I’ll try my hardest to stick with this schedule and post more regularly.😁

LIOG…Life Lessons, Disappointments & Growth-That was 2016!

2016…What can I say than it surely wasn’t my best year. I came into this year optimistic with bright goals and expectations and by the end of the year I’m feeling like all I did was get a constant asswhooping by life. I must be a masochist because through all the downfalls and failures I still decided to push through to find my silver lining.

I started the year in a relationship with my best friend and though things didn’t work out I have no regrets. I’m just happy we were both able to find some common ground and remain friends. The dynamic of our friendship has surely changed because we no longer talk as often or hung out with each other. So I feel like I lost my bestfriend and that makes me sad. But in the times without the tears, I know that Jake’s a great guy. Just not for me😩. If it’s one thing I learnt from that experience is that the friend zone was designed for a reason lol.🙅

After my relationship with Jake, things began to take a steady decline📉. I was hurt about how bad things had gotten with Jake and instead of partying and getting myself new dick. I did the polar opposite and consumed myself into my work. Granted their was overwhelming tension in the work environment with the management and staff. I found my job to be enjoyable. I was at least doing something I liked. Now, not being in a  relationship I solely focused on  working on myself. I have accumulated enough days off on the job to plan a trip for the end of the year. So I was focused on just making enough money so I could travel to Seoul. I had my heart set of traveling. So I consumed myself in the job. And then when I thought shit could not get any worse I lost my job. Honestly, I felt like I was hit by a bus. This was something I had actually enjoyed doing that was taken away from me in one swoop. I was angry for a few days and then I bounced back and thought it doesn’t help to sulk and not do anything. I thought I could get another job in my field quickly, so I sent out the resumes One month passed, two months passed & finances was looking pretty tight. So much for going to Seoul, because it now became an issue of will I even be able to pay for rent. That brought the most stress and I started to withdraw myself from  family and friends😔. The dark thoughts and depression kicked in and all I felt was despair. Through this period I had lost a few friends in a car accident. I was frustrated with everything and at a moment of weakness found myself cursing at God for all my suffering. But like an angel in disguise I randomly bumped into Jake, yes that same xbestfriend/xboyfriend that I had resented so much at the time. He gave me some much needed words of encouragement that allowed me to rise from my slump. I decided to broaden my horizons and applied for job opportunities I had zero qualifications. Within weeks I was receiving calls and asked to come in for interviews. I had reached a low point in life that I only could put myself out there and be optimistic that everything will eventually work out. After my conversation with Jake I had put my pride to the side and spoke with my friends and family. I had forgotten somewhere in the mix of heighten emotions that my family and friends will always be there for me. By the third month of being unemployed I had finally gotten another job. It had its ups and downs as well. But after the many problems I’ve been through this year, the small problems don’t phase me. I realize I have grown so much this  year. I’ve reached my metamorphosis because I finally feel like an adult. I don’t know how to explain it in words but the college girl mindset I had is no more. I’ve finally decided to face all my responsibilities head on and broaden my horizons.

Being the last day of 2016, I can say I don’t have any regrets. I wouldn’t wish to change anything that happened in my life. However, I am disappointed that my blog had been neglected in the process. Blogging is something I love to do and I want to see my blog grow and blossom in 2017. So this being the last blog post for 2016, I want to thank all my followers and readers for being with me on this journey. I know a few bloggers have been a real inspiration and given me some much needed advice and support. And I really and truly appreciate that. Now, I can’t promise that 2017 will be any better, but let’s start the new year on a high note. Cautiously fulfilling the goals and dreams we desire.


LIOG…It’s A Good Day To Start An Office Fire🔥😡

Hello Lovelies!🙂

***warning expletives will be used***

Now I didn’t want to start this blog post without giving a life update. But due to a specific circumstance I woke up on the petty side🙃.

So for my  new & faithful readers or followers I got a new job. I was in a sucky place of life being unemployed for a couple months and it was really starting to take effect mentally. I was constantly just stressed out about finances and whether I would have to move back home. You’re probably thinking my situation could be much worse and what’s that to stress about. But the idea of going back home to my parents house, I was beginning to feel like a failure at life. We all want to progress successfully in a forward motion. Going home felt like a step backwards. I started to question my 25 years and what accomplishments I’ve made.  Luckily I started a new job last month.

I don’t want to put this company on blast…but finding some thread of respect for this major corporation I will try to restrain myself and will refer to them as Auntie Flow. *wink wink*.

I was hired as a contractor until the end of the year. The task I’m given to complete is really mundane and time consuming but I came here specifically for the money. So, the last thing I’ll do is bitch about how boring the job is, I’m here for two months to collect a steady paycheck until I find out what my next step is for 2017. Little to my knowledge did I not realize Auntie Flow thought this was fucking slavery days😡. Its a brand, new sparkling month of December and these people have not paid me for the month of November. Now, I’m at a financial crisis where I can only live from paycheck to paycheck and when I haven’t been paid I get really pissed. I am wondering in which fairytale fantasy are these people living in to hold my check at ransom. I got bills to be paid! I have to fucking travel everyday! And it is not cheap!  Rent! I work from 8am-5pm everyday and don’t  get home until 9pm because I’m sitting in fucking traffic! And I cannot get paid!😡😡😤 The more I’m venting the angrier I am actually getting. It’s like excuse after fucking excuse. I’m going to need someone to write me this paycheck TODAY! Its absolutely ridiculous when they expect me to continue working. Then when I decided to take up placards and protest, they act shocked like they really didn’t try to not pay me. My pissed off level is at a strong 200%. Its like one struggle after the next and I just cant catch a fucking break!

LIOG…Music Appreciation🎶 (The Zaddy Edition😍😍)

I’ve been thinking for the longest time that I wanted to do a music appreciation blogpost. And honestly it’s been really hard to pick what aspect of the music world I was going to give a shout out. Scrolling through my iTunes list and I listen to a WIDEEEEE range of music. I thought that my playlist ‘most recently played🎧’ would have helped to narrow down the selection but epic fail. I listen to all genre of music. It was especially difficult since I listen to songs based on my mood of the day. So I thought why not give a shout out to my top favorite music zaddies lol.

Zaddy😍 (pl. Zaddies)–  the slang term for a really “handsome” guy who is very appealing and looks really fashionable. Swag, Sex Appeal and look sexy attractive. (Urban Dictionary)

These artistes/idols/musicians they have a special place in my heart💞. They can do no wrong in my eyes and I will always support their music. I fell in love with their music first and I think my love for their music made them very attractive in my eyes. It will be extremely clear from this list that I don’t specifically have a type of male that I’m attracted to. My love for music doesn’t discriminate. I narrowed down my zaddy list to 5 artists. Trust me this was extremely difficult. Process of elimination came down to whose music I had more in iTunes (meaning I actually spent money for their music🤑…not saying I illegally download 😏lol) and whether I stalk their social media on a regular 🌾👀🌾 lol.

***I excluded zaddies from this list that haven’t made new music in a hot minute***



Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham😘

Lots of love for Jimmy from Degrassi. I use to think Degrassi was the realest show on television.  Dealt with issues that were happening during high school that no-one really spoke loudly about. Now when Drake switched to rap I was one of those negative nancies lol.

” where is crippled Jimmy going🤔?” 😂😂


The first time I heard Drake was on Timbaland’s song Say Something and I was like “Okkkkaaaayyy drake I see you”. I loved his albums So Far Gone and Thank Me Later but that Take Care album made me a stan for life!

I raped the essence of this song with the replay button lol. My all time favorite album is Nothing Was The Same. I loved every single song from that album and for that reason it gets number one spot.

Prince Royce!


Mi Bachata papi!😘

Its ironic that I called him my Bachata papi since the first song that made me fall in love was in the pop genre and wasn’t even in Spanish.  My first Prince Royce song was Stuck On A Feeling ft. Snoop Dogg, the beat and lyrics were so catchy it was pretty much hard not to like that song. When I started going to Spanish clubs in college I was literally thrown into the arms of Prince Royce.

This is my all time favorite song.

He recently came out with a new song Moneda and its pretty good.👍🏾

Kendji Girac!


Mon Amour! My francophone zaddy!😘

Now I have a much wider vocabulary and understanding of the Spanish language than I do with French, but there is just something about the way this man sings that speaks to me. He’s a new love and I already believe this man can do no wrong. So far I love all of his songs! Such a beautiful voice.

It was extremely hard to pick a song that really started the love because his voice basically just shot love arrows from the first syllable. But I’ve listened to the song Andalouse a lot so enjoy!



My Kings of Kpop! 😘😘😘😘😘

10 years of pushing out quality kpop music. They deserve a permanent place in my heart. These five boys I’ve watched grown into men( well I only started listening to them in 09  lol). Through adversities and scandals I’ve supported them. Official  VIP right here. GD, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung and Seungri are all extremely talented. I have this maternal love for this group, like I genuinely wish them nothing but the best. I’ve been asked who is my bias and I cant really answer because they all have different personalities that I adore so much. Even their solo work is pretty good. However, my fave album is MADE. I fucks with every song on that album.

This was my fave song from that album….

Now I’m just pateintly waiting for their comeback album next month. It totally sucks that military service is right around the corner but 화이팅 oppas! I’ll continue to love y’all through   TOP’s upcoming hiatus.



kR&B sex specialist!

His music has got to be blessed by the sex gods! Now the influence Jay Park’s music has on me is both terrifying and thrilling. My adrenaline is through the roof and its like he’s literally whispering sweet kisses to my pussy. Jay The Pussy Whisperer.  I’ve listened to a lot of musicians and my heart feels like its about to burst from my chest when listening to Jay Park. I’m not sure if he’s lowkey a sorcerer or I’m just naturally horny for Jay Park’s music but its an issue.  Chacha beats and Jay’s voice keeps producing number one hits for me. I started listening to Jay Park maybe 2 years ago, and I religiously wait for his comeback albums like its the second coming. I love the whole AOMG family. His album Everything You Wanted was released this month and I listen to it everyday!

I love love love the Korean version of this song, but since his fine ass did the English version for his music video I’ll share it.

So much Caribbean/Jamaican feels from this song.

To my music zaddies! I love you/ te amo/ je t’aime/사랑해! Keep pushing out that awesome music that fills my heart with glee!❤️❤️

LIOG…”You’re Too Black For Me” 😳😳

It’s storytime!

Today I went on the worst date ever!😩😩


Now I’ve had my share of bad dates but this one truly just topped the cake.

With all the recent disappointments happening in my life, my bestfriend decided that the best way to get me out of my slump was by getting some dick. I didn’t put up a fight when she offered to set me up on a blind date. I’ve been out of a relationship for a few months and I was slaving away my time in work. I thought might as well put myself back on the market.

I knew logic had momentarily left me when I had decided to go on this blind date because the last blind date my bestfriend had proposed was a hot mess. But I thought nothing could be worst than my date with the sexist narcissist. Well, I was damn wrong.

I initially contacted this guy through our Instagram accounts. I looked through a few of his pictures and my initial reaction was , “he’s tall, okaaaay come thru papi “. I liked a few pictures and then he slide right in my DMs.😏😏

We exchanged numbers and this boy did not waste anytime. He wanted to meet up like the next day. It was obvious that at this rate, this was going to be an hook-up. But I have to access the situation. I have maintain my pumpum value and the night has to going superb for my clothes to come off. No such thing as ‘we just gonna fuck’ in my book. So he initially wanted to go to this Italian restaurant but I actually despise dates that force me to sit down, unless its a breakfast date. How can I pass up on scrambled eggs and blueberry pancakes. Yum Yum🍳😍…. I’m straying away from the story.

So I recommended that we should go bowling🎳. That’s fun; the atmosphere is relaxed, and there’s alcohol available. He agreed to the date. Now I got to the bowling alley before him. I had sent a text message asking if he was on his way. Here is red flag🚩 #1, this dude read the message and did not even reply. I waited for 30 minutes for this guy. Honestly, I am shocked that I stayed that long. He gets there and did not even apologize for coming late. He goes, “oh you’re still here”. I promise you I must have walked with the Lord tonight because I was already boiling on the inside.

I brushed off the comment and brought my optimistic level to a strong 100%. I thought a fun way to get know each other would be by coming up with a fun bowling game. Each gutter ball, we would have to chug beer🍺. Simple enough since we weren’t professionals and nothing is funnier than being tipsy while bowling. The loser of the game has to do anything the winner wanted. He was all pumped up and I was morphing into competition mode. I started the game and I threw a few gutter balls to soothe his ego. When it was his turn to bowl, homeboy was struggling! Nothing but gutter balls. Literally at the end of the game he had a total of 16 points! I felt bad he was struggling so I was trying to help him and he did not want it! He got so defensive about me teaching him.

“This is such a waste of money”

” Waste of my fucking time”

blah blah blah….

And he hissed his teeth like a trillion times. To say he was a sore loser would have been an understatement. I got so uncomfortable because he had nothing but snide remarks to say. I was so happy when the game was over because at this point I just wanted to go home.

I am probably a sucker for pain because when he suggested to go to a bar. For some reason I thought that there must be some sliver of hope to salvage the night.

At the bar was when my vagina went ‘gurrrl get yo ass up! this shit aint even worth it’. He was still bummed out about the bowling game and I really didn’t want to bring it up back. So I sparked up basic conversation since we really didn’t know each other. Age, occupation, why he’s not in a relationship. Simple questions that should not be difficult to answer. He would reply always “why do you want to know”

Me: So what’s your last name?

Him: Why do you want to know

Me: Do you like ice cream?

Him: Why do you want to know

Me: *Do you eat ass every morning, to perfect being an asshole?* (inner thoughts)🙃

Him: Why do you want to know


I wanted to ask him if I should go get him his lawyer because obviously he felt he was being interrogated. I got so frustrated! There was awkward silence for maybe 5 minutes and I decided to ask him what’s his type. The type of girls he usually goes for.

He looks at me and smirks.

“Well I usually date mixed and Hispanic chicks. A few Caucasian girls.  I don’t usually go out with  black girls”

He went on this elaborate rant on how beautiful these women are and what black women lack.

Okay Okay, I know everybody is allowed to have their own preferences but he obviously knew from my Instagram that I was black. So I was wondering why he even recommended to go on the date.  By the way, this guy is also black, probably darker than me.

When he made the statement I wasn’t upset. I’m the type of person to listen to your personal views rationally and then let you know whether I agree with you or not. But this blatant disrespect for black women was really pissing me off. My calm demeanor seemed to either confuse or provoked him. He then continued, “yeah you’re too black for me”

Before I could even respond, he blurted out “but we can still fuck”.


I busted out laughing asking if he was out of his mind. This dude was acting like he was a young Denzel Washington…


when he wasn’t even flavor flav…


No behavior and no manners and he thought we was going to fuck🤔. At this point I knew he was delusional.

The whole time I was being so polite and friendly. But I had enough. So I very nicely said…

‘Listen, We will not have sex tonight or any other night. Lets make this our last interaction ever! Your attitude is trash and that alone has made my pussy drier than the Sahara desert🏜. Next time you’re late then let the person waiting know. If you’re not interested in your date then be a man about it and not waste the other person’s time😡😡😡.’

I got up and left the bar. That asshole just ruined a perfect Thursday night of watching kdramas and left me with nothing but a serious migraine🤕.

LIOG…Trapped In The K-Vortex🌪🌪

You might be wondering…Sha-Rih what the hell is a K-Vortex????

Well let me tell you…

1.) It’s a place of no return😨


2.) You’ll never truly know when you got caught up in the vortex until its too late😫


3.) Time becomes a figment of your imagination😖


I am talking about everything Korean…(South Korean🇰🇷 to be exact). I’ve been caught up in the whole lifestyle;

the music








I remember the first day I got a taste of kpop. It was the day that changed my life forever. Waaayyy back in high school circa 2009 ( yes I’m old af!) , I use to hang out with a clique that was straight up into anime, manga, fanfic and the emo lifestyle. Call us nerds if you want but back then were happier days. Sometimes I actually miss those days because for anyone that doesn’t really know me, its hard for them to even imagine me going through that phase.

My friend Kira introduced me to TVXQ(DBSK) and that was the band that opened my eyes to everything kpop. Being an international supporter it was so much harder to get things subbed and translated then than now. But I just loved their music even though I did not know a single word in Korean. That appreciation evolved so quickly because I loved 2ne1, Big Bang, T-ara, Wondergirls, BEG, SHINee and girls generation. To say my parents did not understand me during this period in my life would be an understatement.

“you and your likkle chiney boyfriend dem” – mom

(Btw my mom is Jamaican and any guy of Asian ethnicity is Chinese, she had zero cares in the world to even try and differentiate.)

But like all  teenagers I assumed I was going through a phase especially after TVXQ got disbanded. I wasn’t so invested in kpop music; I still listened to the music but I wasn’t consumed by the fandom.  But it was apparently too late for me, I had already crossed over to  the darkside.

I get to college and my palate for Asian cuisine reached to an optimum level. Thai, Burmese, Vietnam, Korean, Japanese and Chinese foods I could not get enough of it. I swear Thuthu just pushed me further into the blackhole because it’s a dream of mine to travel to East Asia and try some authentic cooked food. I’m just hoping I get to go when I’m still in my twenties. I need my kidneys and liver fully functional for alcohol consumption since Koreans know how to drink!🍻

I truly flung myself into the k-vortex when I decided that I was going to watch kdramas. I’ve been stuck for 2 years in dramaland! Like the k-drama addiction is sooo real! K-dramas have officially ruined me. If I don’t get a back hug, piggyback ride or a kiss on the forehead from my boo thing! Best believe I’ve already concluded my relationship aint shit! *I’m kiddin😂’* But kdramas have left me with such high expectations when I’m in a relationship. Kdramas do an excellent job in promoting a Korean man’s sex appeal because I would not hesitate to get myself a Korean hubby.

I’ve used so many Korean vocabulary in my daily speech to that point that its normal for everyone around me. (I know honorifics is a huge part of the culture so I should try and fix that habit if I am to visit South Korea). I lose serious sleep with kdramas. Firstly, I get so invested in the storyline that there no such thing as I’ll only watch one episode. Its more like ‘it’s 2am in the morning…okay lets go to the next episode’. With the overwhelming difference with the time zone, I have to wait for new episodes to be subbed. (Shout out to the people that do the English subs, keep doing God’s work👏👏👏). For the kpop addicts I don’t have to explain this time zone issue. This month has been nothing but comebacks and debut releases. If you are an international fan like myself apart of a multi-fandom then I know for sure you haven’t been sleeping since this month started. I haven’t fully processed GOT7 album and BTS is out here just trying to claim my soul.

63565927**me watching bts new video blood, sweat and tears on repeat**

The one thing that sucks about being trapped in the k-vortex, it’s hard to find someone in my vicinity that loves the same thing. Do you know how I wish I had a close friend I could go kcon with. Sigh it can be a lonely place not to mention expensive AF! Merch aint cheap or free.

Do you wanna know if you are also trapped in the k-vortex…if BTS no longer equates to Behind The Scenes. Well my friend make yourself comfy because you are trapped in the k-vortex.